Content by Grade
The activities on the site are organized by grade level. Most of the activities are appropriate for a range of levels, so we hope educators and parents will use the grade level information only as a guideline when deciding which activities are suitable for children.

Content by Standards
Due to the variability of state academic standards, we have chosen to link the activities on to the standards developed by Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning (McREL). The McREL standards are a compendium of a number of related documents produced by organizations such as the International Reading Association and the National Council of Teachers of English, and thus represent a synthesis of vital standards and benchmarks for student achievement in reading. We feel that teachers using the content provided on the Professor website could easily match a McREL standard or benchmark to one within the prescribed standards for their locale. In addition, using a universal format allows teachers to have a common framework that will facilitate collaboration across state and international boundaries.

Graphical Site Overview
In order for educators and parents to obtain a broad perspective of the subject matter covered on the Professor Garfield site, a Graphical Site Overview is available for the entire site. The Graphical Site Overview is interactive, providing a direct link to the various sections of the site. The upper portion of the flowchart outlines the curricula covered in the kids' section of the Professor Garfield site,, while the lower section reflects the content addressed in the Teachers' Lounge portion of the site.

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