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Listen to an overview of the Professor Garfield website by Madelyn Ferris, board member of the Professor Garfield Foundation, with Mark Gura who oversees the literacy Special Interest Group of ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education.)

Purpose of the Teacher Resource Center

The purpose of the Professor Garfield Teachers' Lounge Section is to provide free, user-friendly, and standards-based learning materials for the classroom teacher, parent, tutor, or mentor. These materials are intended to support and supplement the ongoing work of the classroom teacher by providing leveled materials (plans, activities, downloadables, and printables) that are retrievable by grade level, subject, and/or national standard. Every effort is being made to provide pre- and post-assessment tools where appropriate and useable.

Our highly respected educational partner, Ball State University, is guiding the development of this section based on scientifically proven principles, best practices, and proven classroom methodology.

Principles that guide the inclusion of materials

Materials included on the Professor Garfield site are developed and reviewed by educational experts who have the best interests of students and educators in mind. Every attempt is made to label activities with the appropriate levels, educational standards, and learning goals. In many cases assessment tools are also offered for activities. Educators will find that the literacy activities and resources are targeted to meet the criteria of evidence-based reading instruction. Stop into the Teachers' Lounge often to see new high-quality, standards-based, leveled, assessable activities that are engaging as well as educationally valuable!

Vision of PGF

The initial phase of PGF is focused on K - 3 with emphasis on reading and writing skills. Over time, the site will incorporate the areas of science, mathematics, and other core areas, first at K -3rd grade level, and systematically expanding thereafter to encompass grades K - 8. This content will be state standards-based with the intent to include lesson plans, activities, classroom ideas, and incorporate assessment methodologies — all in an entertaining and fun atmosphere for kids.


The Professor Garfield web site has been made possible through the collaborative efforts of many corporations, organizations, and educators who care about developing a creative and innovative learning portal for children, K-8. If your university, school system, organization, or business would like to explore how you could support or partner with the Professor Garfield Foundation, we would like to hear from you.

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Volunteers and Mailing List

If you teach the 2nd- 4th grade level and are interested in volunteering your class to assist with evaluating our content and giving us this feedback, we would be extremely grateful! We want Professor Garfield to provide educators with user-friendly, comprehensive, standards-based teaching tools for your students. YOUR input is important to make this the best one-stop web site to come to for your reading-and-writing educational needs. Click here to give us your feedback.

We would like to share ongoing developments and new opportunities for educators at PGF.

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