Professor Garfield and G-Cubed

G-Cubed is a trivia game that a single player (or entire class) can play against the Garfield character of their choice or with another online player.

There are five categories of educational content included:

  1. Literature: includes famous books (both classic and modern children’s literature) and their characters; authors and their books, key plot lines, conflicts and resolutions, characters and their personalities, key phrases from a storyline, counting in other languages, inventors, punctuation, spelling, poetry, vocabulary, grammar, abbreviations, acronyms, music, cultural phrases, and famous phrases.
  2. Science: includes space exploration, bodies of water, biology, plant science, animal science, environment, matter, forces, machines and work, energy, and sound.
  3. Pop Culture: includes movies, music, television trivia, classic and modern cartoons and characters, and world records.
  4. News: includes famous events and people in history, famous quotations, geography, social studies, government, monuments, inventors, the military, wacky laws, natural disasters, telling time, weather, world records, and presidential trivia.
  5. Miscellaneous: includes a combination of all of the categories above, plus simple math questions, states and their mascots, health questions, and other topics not covered by the other sections.

Since there are only five sections, the content in each is very broad, and you may see some overlapping among the sections to offer a measure of surprise to the game. The questions chosen are at the third-grade level; however, this content will be expanded in the future to allow for various levels of difficulty. The pop culture, news, and miscellaneous categories include content that may be challenging for a number of age levels for the primary grades.

The G-Cubed game presents a number of opportunities for use in the classroom from free-time activities to rewards to students after completing an assignment or test. It could also present an enjoyable avenue to test the classroom’s knowledge at the end of a semester or as a preview to new material that will be presented in areas of science and literature. Many of the questions present material that will challenge (or allow you to encourage) the students to research topics further.

Note that we will be continually adding new content to these sections, so be sure to check back often!

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