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ScholarShop’s Options for Kids is a video game of self-discovery and can be an invaluable aid for guidance counselors, parents, or mentoring organizations. It is an activity-based curriculum and resource library designed to prepare and motivate students in grades 4-6 to succeed in school, career, and life.

The game begins with Garfield as guide on a quest to search your mind for what is in your heart. “You are 100% Smart,” teaches that there are infinite ways to be smart. Everyone is 100% smart; we all just have different formulas in reaching our complete sum.

“Exploring Careers” helps you learn what careers match your interests. Garfield guides you through the city of your future, where each building represents an opportunity for career exploration. Here you’ll learn how your interests and talents lead to fulfilling careers. By glimpsing opportunities ahead, you’ll see that your future is a bright place shaped by your bright ideas.

In “Post-Secondary Opportunities,” you’ll overcome obstacles in a mysterious cave as you begin to link educational requirements to career choices. Garfield helps dispel the myths that college is too expensive and too tough. You’ll learn that there are ways to ease the financial burden of post-secondary education, and how to maximize your opportunities later by planning now.

“Back to Basics” takes you on a treasure hunt. As you build basic skills, you’ll discover that the treasure you seek is not only within you — the treasure is you. In the end, a printable certificate of completion confirms that you are “100% Smart” and prepared to succeed in both school and life.

ScholarShop’s Options for Kids helps you explore your interests — that’s where you’ll find your abilities and, eventually, your dream job.

To log in, you’ll first create a user name and password. After that, the future is all yours. Enjoy it.

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