Professor Garfield's Reading Ring

Have you ever wanted a reading resource that could teach specific reading skills like vocabulary building and comprehension skills such as interpretation, drawing conclusions, sequencing, getting the main idea, and using context clues? Would you like this resource to be one that is challenging, motivating, and fun for your students?

Well, look no further! Professor Garfield is here to assist you! With many comic strips available in our library, each Garfield comic strip will give you, the teacher, a very targeted way to instruct your students on these various — and extremely important — reading skills!

Since the comic strip is laid out in no more than three panels, you can easily isolate a particular state-standard reading skill. Your students are not likely to become frustrated reading three panels of a comic strip knowing they get to learn and laugh at the same time! Plus, there are the picture clues in each strip that will provide additional help for the emerging or challenged reader while working on these important reading skills. Beginning readers can even click below each panel, and it will read it to them!

To access ALL the Garfield comic strips and make up your own lesson plans, visit the official Garfield website.

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