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Why is there a Migrant Education Program on Professor Garfield?

Recognizing the education of a migrant child poses unique challenges, Professor Garfield, working under the direction of the State of Indiana Department of Education, has built a Migrant Education Program (MEP) on its website. The purpose of the site is to aid the Spanish-speaking student in developing both social and academic language in order to progress from kindergarten through graduation.

The site design is based on the understanding that social language develops faster and more broadly than academic language. This uneven progression of language acquisition often causes frustration for educators who hear English spoken by the second-language student, but who sense a gap in understanding in the core classes. The site addresses development of both social and academic language acquisition.

Acknowledging the limitations of a computer-driven educational model which includes lack of hands-on experience and social interaction, the MEP design capitalizes on the strength of a computer-based delivery system, emphasizing clear explanation of concepts supported by high quality photo and video, simple illustrations, and a variety of practice modes that deliver a quality educational program. Additionally, a computer-based program makes core curriculum and language tutorials available to all students regardless of geographical location. For students who cannot be in school with consistency, and therefore cannot take advantage of high quality hands-on delivery systems in the social context of a typical classroom, this MEP site allows the student to access English as it is used socially and in the core classrooms.

A more in-depth overview of the English for Your Future site is available by clicking on this PDF.