PC operating system requirements & other technical information

Internet connection speeds

The Professor Garfield website has been designed to operate best with a high-speed internet connection. Many of the printable files, movies, and games have larger-than-normal file sizes. Therefore, accessing the internet on a T1, Cable Modem, or a Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), will provide the best results when viewing this site.

Although the Professor Garfield website does operate using a dial-up connection with a 56kb modem, a user will experience longer-than-normal access (or loading) times on some pages.

PC system requirements

The Professor Garfield website is optimized for the following Windows PC system requirements:

  • Windows 98 or later, including Windows Me, Windows 2000, and Windows XP
  • 300 MHz intel Processor (Pentium II, Celeron, etc.) or better
  • 64 MB physical RAM or more
  • 128 MB physical RAM or more for Windows XP
  • Microphone and sound card (for Voice Tool)

Web browsers

The Professor Garfield website is best viewed using one of these recommended browsers:

Macromedia Flash Player

Macromedia Flash Player allows you to interact with the advanced features on the Professor Garfield website. Flash is commonly used on many websites and takes less than a minute to download. The Professor Garfield website supports Flash 7 or higher. CLICK HERE to begin the simple download and installation process.